Residences at The Grand Towers, Manas Lake City

The Grand Towers are the jewels of the Manas Lake City development and make a statement of privilege with its design, its location and the lifestyle it offers its residents. They overlook the Central Park, the Club and wide open spaces offering every home magnificent views. Live an active life with a well-equipped modern gymnasium, swimming pool and other indoor and sports facilities. On offer is also a convenient lifestyle with shopping, healthcare, F&B and entertainment all inside the community.
The Zero Wastage Design ensures there is maximum utilization of all spaces inside your home. The spacious and well planned layout ensures every home has designated spaces for storage and work from home.

Zero Wastage Homes

SKYi Town Center
SKYi Town Center

Unique thoughtful design

Homes are built on the east west axis and come with the dual benefits of natural light and wind. The Zero Wastage Design is a unique concept and offers maximum living spaces to your family for a safe and comfortable lifestyle.

East West Home Entrances

Fins Ensure Privacy from Neighbours

Best Views from Every Home

Wind Path Oriented Homes

High Air Changes

Large Windows & Balconies

Sun Path Aligned Homess

Brighter Homes

Larger Shaded Windows & Balconies

Optimum use of every
inch of your home

Sun & Rain proof overhead covered
“Balcony” with sliding doors.

Perfect layout takes care of all
functional, furniture & storage needs

Only homes with multi-functional
bath suite & utility space

SKYiTM Grand Homes

Homes at The Grand Towers are spacious and thoughtfully designed. The well planned layout ensures every home has designated spaces for all your needs including storage.With all weather proof covered balconies, spending time outdoors takes on a whole new meaning.

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